Being a pastor myself, I have created additional resources for you to use as you interact with this book.

Consider doing a church-wide campaign using Favor With Kings as a catalytic tool in your church. By campaign, I mean: sermon, small groups, and daily readings all leveraged for mass participation and maximum impact in your congregation. At Mariners Church, we will do a 6-week series based on the story of Nehemiah and the content of Favor With Kings in the fall of 2016. Everything you need to do something similar will be available right here. Mariners Churches and other churches in our Rooted Network will use Favor with Kings as a tool and strategy to cultivate momentum, stir up passion, move people into groups, and mobilize them to action.

Here is a simple overview of my strategy.

Identify your

Develop your

Create your PLAN of action.

Empower PEOPLE to play their role.

PERSEVERE through inevitable adversity.

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Campaign Overview


Encourage every attender to buy a book and read five chapters a week.


Invite every attender to get into a small group and go through the study questions at the back of the book as a group—every week for six weeks. (Short-term commitments are accessible and participation will be high. And most groups will continue on beyond the six weeks.)


Use my sermon outlines and audio files of the series to the degree they are helpful to you.

sermon archive


You can view other series collateral (graphics, videos, etc.) used at Mariners.


Build momentum and energy for two weeks leading up to the kickoff of the series—make announcements from stage, have books available on the patio, etc. Ideally, you’ll want everyone to have books purchased prior to, or the weekend of your launch.


Throughout the six weeks, share stories, leverage social media, and celebrate progress.


The material encourages people to dream, pray, and uncover passions based on pains and needs they see and discern. It is also important that staff and leadership have some community needs and service projects that groups and individuals can “default” into. Putting vision into action is critical. Make it as easy as possible for people to engage and take steps toward serving others.


Prepare group leaders. We have resources!

Group Resources


The Rooted Network is also a great place to connect with me and Mariners, as it relates to serving your church.

Rooted Network


Purchase books at a church discount here.

Church Discount / Bulk Sales


Pray, prepare, plan, and pray some more. Know that people have prayed for you, and there are people available to help you execute what will without doubt be a life-giving series in your church.


If you’d like to inquire about Caleb Anderson speaking at your church, you can do so here.

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